Head of Corporate Services

Charity Kwoshaba Dushime

Head of Corporate Services


+256-702 623268


Charity is the Head of Corporate Services at ALP East Africa. Charity is a great asset to ALP, bringing with her years of skill and knowledge of business development processes and a formidable enthusiasm for the Law. It is her passion is to realize a merger between the Law and Business Development as equals and how they can and should thrive as a single ecosystem in East Africa. With over 10 years experience as a Business Development Consultant, she has a record of tremendous accomplishments in supporting firms with business solutions and developing sustainable growth and expansion strategies.

Charity has experience in Marketing and Sales, Client Relationship Management, Consumer Affairs, Team Management and Leadership, among others. At ALP, we appreciate her ability to assemble highly effective teams and person, establish processes geared to long term business development. She brings invaluable expertise in the startup,fast track and turn around Operations of business models.

Previously,she worked at Warid Telecom Uganda as a Call Center Adviser and later joined the Products and Services team. She has developed business strategies for both Mobinet and AH consulting which resulted in great success over the years. As Country Director at Mobinet Blue34 Ltd, Charity was charged with business growth. She successfully managed company functions across the board that have seen the company acquire a considerable market share in the Fintech Industry in Uganda. At AH Consulting, she served as Director of Business Development leading a team in driving the Company’s brand across Africa and with a lot of international success. Here, she developed market strategies and business plans for the business development unit which saw the innovation and development of several products and processes for some of Africa’s largest companies including banks and electricity generating companies specifically in Malawi.

Charity holds a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) from Makerere University Business School.