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If you are looking for a homegrown, reliable, efficient, futuristic firm built with unparalleled understanding of the East African region, individuals and business perspective, then Africa Law Practice Advocates East Africa is the place for you because we are progressive in thinking, innovative in action and excellent in service.

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A review of the decision of Engineer John Eric Mugyenyi Vs Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited: The break of a new dawn in employment Law in Uganda

On 30th July 2014, the Appellant’s contract with his Employer was terminated and in April 2015, he lodged a complaint with the labour officer citing unfair termination under Section 69 of the Employment Act 2006 and in that same complaint requested that the matter be referred to the Industrial Court since it raised a substantial question of law and the same was referred to the said Court.

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COVID-19 and Price-Gouging by Private Medical Facilities

COVID-19 has continued to hold sway as a pandemic on public health and healthcare. While other parts of the globe were into fourth and fifth waves as of mid-2021, Uganda was hit with its second wave of the pandemic that resulted in country-wide lockdown (and shelter-in-place) measures from June 26, 2021 to July 30, 2021.

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Mediation Services

The ALP Conflict Resolution Hub Mediation Service provides the most advanced global rules intended to assist parties and mediators to take maximum advantage of the flexible procedures available in mediation for the resolution of disputes quickly and economically.
The Mediation Service guides parties that opt for Dispute Management Clauses in their project contracts wherein the parties to the contract can jointly appoint a mediator to work together, in a more collaborative and mutually beneficial environment and oversee that their contracts proceed smoothly.

Arbitration Services

The ALP Conflict Resolution Hub Arbitration Service is based on the most efficient Arbitration Rules which help the parties and arbitrator to use the best available global practice for the resolution of domestic and international disputes quickly and economically by way of administered arbitration on global standards.
Additionally, the Arbitration Service provides for the appointment of emergency arbitrators, which allows the parties in need of emergency interim reliefs to make such applications even before the constitution of the regular arbitral tribunal.

Conciliation Services

The ALP Conflict Resolution Hub Conciliation Service provides an impartial, fast and effective conciliation operating to a uniformly high standard in both the public and private sector.
Participation in the Conciliation Service processes is voluntary, and so are the outcomes.Solutions are reached only by consensus whether by negotiation and agreements facilitated between the parties themselves or by the parties agreeing to settlement terms proposed by the Hub Conciliation Officer who treats as confidential all information received during the course of conciliation and the service is informal and non-legalistic in practice.

Ombudsman Services

The ALP Conflict Resolution Hub Ombudsman Service is a confidential, impartial and informal service that facilitates the resolution of disputes. A Hub Ombudsman helps parties analyze problems and assists in identifying options and can, only if requested, become involved in trying to resolve issues.
What’s more, the Hub Ombudsman Service alert managements to systemic trends and issues and makes recommendations for necessary changes in their fields.